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WELCOME TO CIS Int'l Holdings (N.A) Corp.

CIS Int'l Holdings (N.A) Corp. is a Livestock Breeder, Wholesale Importer & Distributor of Fresh & Salt Water Live Tropical Fish, Aquatic Wood, Aquatic Plants, Live Rock & any many ornamental fish accessories.

CIS Int'l Holdings (N.A) Corp. and its distribution center currently been in 1405 W. 178th St, Gardena, California has explored the US ornamental fish industry well enough for over 25 years, originated in 1991 in Jacksonville, Florida by delivering Imported Marine Ornamental Fish to local Stores in Jacksonville and surrounding areas during inception.

With the increasing ornamental fish demand of the US Pet Industry during the past two decades, CIS Int'l Holdings (N.A) Corp. then moved to Los Angeles, California given its closer proximity to Asia. The business then began an upward growth chart, being operated as a “Trans-shipper” that of importing, acclimating, and re-distributing with a turn-around time of approximately 10 to 24 hours & shipping within the United States and exporting to meet the demand of many ornamental fish retailers and wholesalers of Canada and Mexico.

CIS Int'l Holdings (N.A) Corp.’s Top clientele comprises of the two largest pet chain stores in the USA. CIS Int'l Holdings (N.A) Corp. and the 2nd largest pet chain store in the world started its business relationship in 2002 where it was operation with approximately 500 stores and has expanded to over 1500 stores by 2017. At present CIS Int'l Holdings (N.A) Corp. supplies over 12 of the top 20 Ornamental Fish products of their top Livestock items.

CIS Int'l Holdings (N.A) Corp.’s key breeding and sourcing successors are deemed by direct presence in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Maldives, Fiji, Australia, China and UK. The Group’s Global partners situated in these destinations carries out breeding facilities and sourcing operations of ornamental fish products to meet the ever-increasing demand of CIS’s Clientele.

CIS Int'l Holdings (N.A) Corp. is not only is a Live Breeder and Distributor, but a market leader in carrying out Breeding, Sourcing, Distribution, Sippy Chain, and Customer Service Activities with the best IT Driven Solutions all the way from Colombo Sri Lanka. Through integrated IT Solutions such as Inhouse ERP, SRM and CRM, the group’s global operations are set to carry out efficient ICT to meet many requirements of the group’s Clientele while coordination through the wide spread supply chain of the global partners.


To create and grow a truly Multinational Holding company with a global footprint

  • That will source, grow, manufacture & create the most efficient Supply Chain
  • to be able give all its Associate Companies - a unique competitive edge
  • to be able to ADD VALUE to our Customers, and
  • to COMPETE & WIN in the specific Markets, Products and Industries they operate in - globally.


Execute & Achieve the Vision by Creating a Process & Performance driven Corporate culture & mindset - that

  • Values Loyalty & Team work and
  • challenges each individual to deliver using their unique talents
  • measures Drive, Innovation and old fashioned Hard Work and Contribution
  • to EXECUTE & ACHIEVE the harmonized Corporate Vision across all its entities & divisions.

Celebrating 25 years
in the global live aquatic industry

Our subsidiaries

Through our businesses we continuously strive to maintain a foundation of operational excellence, delivering superior results in the provision of services and products to all our customers.

SIAM Tropical Fish Ltd.


Tropical Fish International Ltd.

Sri Lanka

Tropical Fish International Ltd.


Tropical Fish International Ltd. U.K.


Tropical Aquarium Fiji Ltd.


TeKnowledge Shared Services Ltd.

Sri Lanka

TeKnowledge Labs Ltd. (*New)

Sri Lanka

Automated Systems International Inc.


Guangzhou Flying Lion Company Ltd.


Our expertise

  • Fresh water
  • Plants
  • Salt water
  • Coral and live rock
  • Human resource management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • Production planning
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • ERP

ABOUT Tropical Fish International- USA

Importing, Quarantine, Warehousing & Managed Distribution of Tropical Fish and related aquatic products in North America.


    No.1405, W.178th Street, Gardena, CA, USA. 90248

    +1 (310) 515-9469


ABOUT TeKnowledge Shared Services Ltd.

Providing end to end 365 day 24x7 Shared Resources & Knowledge for group companies with Financial, Operational, Logistical, Audit, Marketing, IT, HR and overall Management oversight and support.


    No.648, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya. Sri Lanka

    +94 (11) 768-5785


ABOUT SIAM Tropical Fish Ltd.

Manages Farming & Supply chain of Live Tropical Fish, Aquatic Plants & other products from Thailand.


    14 Phaholyothin 55/2 Phaholyothin Rd, Anusaowaree Bangkhen, Bangkok Thailand 10220

    +66 (297) 001-078

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ABOUT Tropical Fish International Ltd. - Sri-Lanka.

Manages Farming, Aquaculture & Supply chain of Live Tropical Fish, Aquatic Plants & other products from Sri-Lanka.


    No.648, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya. Sri Lanka

    +94 (11) 768-5785

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ABOUT Guangzhou Flying Lion Company Ltd.


    Xiangshan Village, Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, China

    +86 (131) 133-77875


ABOUT Automated Systems International Inc.

A specialized Resource for electrical systems design engineering fabrication installation.


    1405 West 178th Street Gardena, CA 90248

    +1 (310) 515-9469 EXT: 250
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ABOUT Tropical Fish Australia Pvt Ltd.


    36 Birkdale Avenue, Heatherton , 3202, Victoria, Australia

    +61 (493) 104-889


ABOUT Tropical Fish International Ltd. - U.K.

Group’s newest venture is in to Europe; have already built relationships with Key Distributors and Retailers and started implementing the already proven processes and procedures of TFI. TFIUK is serving customers across the country and its aim is to add value, increase sales and reduce overheads for multi chain retailers across Europe.


    Unit 6,Sealand Nursery, Deeside lane, Chester, CH1 6DD,Cheshire. United Kingdom

    +94 (11) 768-5785 Ext 3621, +94 (11) 768-785 Ext 3591

    sales@tfiuk.co.uk , customer@cisintl.com
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ABOUT Tropical Aquarium Fiji Ltd.

Aqua-cultured live rock manufacturer and exporter from Fiji.


    PO Box 1369, Lautoka, Fiji Islands

    +679 (986) 974-41

    info@etropicalfish.com, devis@etropicalfsih.com

ABOUT Teknowledge Labs.

Innovating & Integrating latest Hardware & Software within Industrial Automation combining full cycle Knowledge based Operational Management

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    1405 W. 178th Street, Gardena, CA. 90248


    +1 (310) 515-9469


    Info@cisintl.com, Marketing@cisintl.com

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